About Longevity Sciences LAB

LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB is more than just a physiological corrector company (there is a big difference between food supplements and physiological correctors). Its entire philosophy is based on a constant search for excellence in the service of the human being. It is a real partner whose sole aim is to improve the health of its customers by offering a range of food supplements of inimitable quality, as well as a wide range of products adapted to each individual.

Under the medical direction of a scientific and medical committee composed of renowned physiologists, pharmacists and biologists, LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB has developed two ranges of food supplements to help everyone live better, longer and healthier.

LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB, your partner for life!


Made in France

All our products are manufactured in France, all references and ranges combined.

All our physiological correctors are analysed and controlled in the laboratory before and after production in order to guarantee the simplest possible absorption.

The laboratory in charge of producing our physiological correctors meets very strict hygiene and safety specifications. It also has ECOCERT certification for its production processes.

Advanced technology

The laboratory selected to manufacture our products uses a cryo-grinding technique. The cryo-grinding or cold milling technique avoids any thermal influence that would alter many of the active ingredients, whether volatile or not.

A total plant powder ”totum” is obtained without damaging the active ingredients and with a granulometry of the order of a micron, which guarantees perfect bioavailability.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in a set of air-conditioned and de-bacterialised premises similar to the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

technologie avancee
fabrication controlee

Controlled manufacturing

Efficiency, traceability, safety!
The laboratory in charge of manufacturing food supplements, Longevity Science Lab, imposes about thirty controls from the supply of raw materials to the finished product.
By using pure and healthy high technology, the laboratory innovates with a unique and natural process of debacterization to bring you the highest degree of quality existing today.
A “sample library” system allows perfect traceability of the finished product throughout its life cycle.
The process and production are Ecocert certified:

  • Grinding of the plants
  • Debacterisation of the plants
  • Mixing of powders
  • Production of capsules
  • Packaging of powders in jars
  • Packaging of pillboxes

Natural products

All our physiological correctors are made in a biologically neutral way and with the most physiological molecules available, guaranteed without any potentially toxic chemicals, GMOs or elements that are harmful to the environment, animals or human beings.

respect environnement

Respect for regulations and the environment

LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB rigorously respects the French legislation (DGCCRF) and the European legislation concerning the sale of food supplements.

From production to packaging, LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB respects the environment by working in the most natural way possible, limiting the risks of pollution to a minimum. We take care to choose the most ecological means of transport in order to limit our carbon footprint.


LONGEVITY SCIENCES LAB is committed to total transparency towards consumers. To this end, we strive to provide you with the best possible information on our physiological correctors, for example by providing you with a maximum of scientific references on the active ingredients we sell.

(1) Senescence is the phase of ageing that begins at the end of adolescence and is characterised by a gradual and insidious reduction in our physiological capacities (cardiac, arterial, pulmonary, bone, muscular, immune, renal, etc.), thus providing a breeding ground for disease.